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Job Description:

Emiratization initiatives typically involve various strategies and programs to encourage Emiratis to pursue careers in different industries. Here are some key aspects associated with Emiratization:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Career Development and Advancement: Emiratization initiatives promote career growth and advancement opportunities for Emiratis. Companies may provide mentorship programs, leadership development initiatives, and specialized training to support the professional growth of Emirati employees.
  • Awareness and Outreach: Emiratization programs aim to raise awareness among Emiratis about the available career opportunities, the benefits of working in the private sector, and the skills and qualifications required for different roles. Outreach efforts may include career fairs, seminars, and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Recruitment and Hiring: Emiratization programs encourage employers to actively recruit and hire Emirati nationals. This includes implementing quotas or targets for Emirati representation in the workforce, particularly in leadership positions or specialized roles.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Emiratization efforts often involve collaboration between the government and private sector entities. The government provides support, incentives, and resources to encourage private companies to participate actively in Emiratisation initiatives.
  • Internship and Apprenticeship Programs: Organizations may establish internship or apprenticeship programs to provide Emirati students or graduates with practical work experience. These programs help bridge the gap between education and employment, allowing Emiratis to gain hands-on skills and industry exposure.

Job Requirements:

  • You will need to be proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Strong English communication skills (Written & Verbal)
  • UAE passport & Family book

Job Details:

Company: Noon

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Application Deadline: N/A

To apply for this job please visit www.linkedin.com.

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