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Job Description:

We are seeking to appoint enthusiastic educators with the relevant qualification and experience for an immediate position.

Job Responsibilities:

  • 2+ years of teaching experience (AS & A Level Experience is Mandatory)
  • A creative and enthusiastic approach both in and out of the classroom
  • Good command of English
  • Excellent IT and interpersonal communication skills to work closely with students and parents
  • An excellent team player both within the department and across phases

Job Requirements:

  • Teaching Experience: Prior teaching experience or practice in a teaching setting, such as student teaching, internships, or private tutoring, is beneficial. It allows you to develop instructional skills, classroom management techniques, and an understanding of working with diverse student populations.
  • Subject Knowledge: Secondary physics teachers should have a strong foundation in physics concepts and theories. They should be knowledgeable about topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics. This includes understanding mathematical equations and problem-solving techniques relevant to physics.
  • Education: A bachelor’s degree in physics or a related field is typically required to become a secondary physics teacher. Some institutions may prefer or require a master’s degree, especially for higher-level positions or specialized teaching roles.
  • Knowledge of Science Education Methods: Secondary physics teachers should be familiar with various science education methods and pedagogies. This includes understanding inquiry-based learning, hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and the use of technology in teaching physics.
  • Teaching Certification/License: To work in public schools, secondary physics teachers are typically required to hold a valid teaching certification or license. The specific certification requirements vary by country or state, so it’s important to check the regulations in the specific location where you plan to teach.

Job Details:

Company: GEMS Education

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Sharjah Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Application Deadline: N/A

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