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Job Description:

Conduct fraud incident investigations in an efficient and ethical manner in line with du’s processes and international best practices.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Control and set up an information network to feed the Fraud Management unit, which includes external sources such as dealer-informants and internal sources such as employee reports and anonymous listening posts.
  • Handle the Fraud Management Cycle (Prevention, Detection, Investigation, Response) and feed new trends, risks and intelligence.
  • Generate all incident Reports and ensure that all incidents of Fraud are supported by comprehensive documentation covering all aspects of detection/reporting, investigation, closure and analysis.
  •  Coordinate in the investigation of fraudulent activities on du’s network and customer base through gathering additional data from sources other than the FMS where required and providing the analytical
  •  Coordinate with Fraud Team members in the resolution of fraud cases and investigate all fraud – possibly fraudulent behavior not detected or prevented by the Fraud Management unit itself but reported by an external entity.
  •  Support Prevention and Detection activities through Data Analytics, investigation of Alerts/Alarms raised by the Prevention and Detection teams wherever it requires external (to the unit) inputs.
  • Lead the closure of all alerts/alarms on the FMS regardless of the specific area they relate to and also participate in all key Fraud Management processes where required.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience with automated subscriber/customer behavior analytical tools in other industries such as Financial Institutions may also be considered in lieu of part of the Telco experience required.
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience with Statistical Modelling Tools is preferable.
  •  Excellent Analytical skills to extract meaningful information from large volumes of data.
  •  Excellent computer skills including MS Office and use of Analytical software such as SAS/ACS and SQL language.
  • Minimum of 8- 12 years of experience as a Fraud Analyst or Specialist in a Tier 2 or higher Telco, preferably with both Wireless and Wireline operators.
  • Telecommunications domain knowledge – both commercial (relating to activations, sales, administration of customers/products) and technical (relating to provisioning and subscriber management platforms).

Job Details:

Company: Du

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Dubai, UAE

Application Deadline: N/A

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